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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath

Hello everyone – I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and getting ready to ring in 2013!

Since I was running behind on Christmas gifts this year I did not get to post some of the projects I worked on plus I had to wait until everyone opened their gifts to share my crafty gifts. I will be sharing my Christmas projects with you now and they will always be available for next year.

The first project I wanted to share is my deco mesh Christmas wreath. I needed a new wreath for Christmas and found so many inspiring ideas on Pinterest. The best tutorial I found for creating deco mesh wreaths is pinned here. The one thing to be mindful of when adding the mesh to your wreath is how full you want it and if you have double front doors like me you will need to make sure you make it where both doors will close. 

I started by adding pine covered pipe cleaners I found at Hobby Lobby then started gathering and attaching the deco mesh.

I purchased two glittered gift boxes that had picks attached to them for flower arrangements, I started by removing the picks, inserting two floral pins, and then ran a regular pipe cleaner through the pins to attach to the wreath.

When adding the gold Christmas ornaments I glued the top to the ornament so they would not pull apart then ran a pipe cleaner through the loop to attach to the wreath.

To finish off my wreath I added a gold bow and a few decorative picks. I used a pine covered pipe cleaner to make a loop for hanging the wreath.
Here is the finished product.

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