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Monday, February 4, 2013

Gourd Snowman Family

Well we finally received our first “significant” snow here in middle Tennessee. Now those of you who live in snow prone areas do not laugh that I’m calling this small amount of snow “significant”. J  Since we’ve had a little snow on the ground I thought it would be a great time to share with you my gourd snowman family. But first here are a couple of pictures of the pretty snow.

I previously purchased gourds at our county fair to make my bird feeder and birdhouse so this year when I was perusing the gourd booth these little guys caught my attention. I thought they would make a perfect snowman family – this is how they looked before.  

I used three coats of Martha Stewart Wedding Cake to make sure they were well covered. Once they were completely dry I used some black paint to add their eyes, mouth, and buttons then added my carrot nose using orange paint. I found some really cute snowflake ribbon at Wal-Mart to use for the scarf and that is it. This was a simple project and now I have our snowman family to add to my winter collection.


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