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Saturday, April 13, 2013

DIY - Necklace Hanger

What girl doesn’t love a necklace to match every outfit (or almost every outfit)? As my collection of necklaces has grown I had to find somewhere to hang them while being easy to access those mornings I’m flying through my closet to get ready for work. To remedy this problem I decided to create this necklace hanger using a cabinet door and drawer pulls.

This is how the project looked before.

I started by adding two coats of Martha Stewart Beetle Black. The stencil is also from the Martha Stewart collection using the Metallic Sterling paint. This is how it looked after completing these two steps.

It seemed to need something else and with the black paint I lost the pretty details of the cabinet door so I decided to add a line of the metallic paint around the edge to add more detail.

I purchased drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby to use as the hanger for my necklaces. When purchasing these make sure the back of the pull is not too long for the thickness of the wood you are using or it will not lay flat after you hang it. After looking at the plain black pulls I decided they needed a little more detail as well. I decided to add the metallic paint but immediately wiped the paint off so it would only remain in the details of the pull instead of them being completely metallic.

Once the paint has dried, determine where you want to place your drawer pulls and drill holes. Attach your desired hanging accessory to the back of the necklace hanger and there you have it a decorative and accessible way to hang all the necklaces you have made or purchased.


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