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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

CKC Project – Book Photo Frame

A few weeks ago I shared my trip to the Creating Keepsake Convention with you and today I want to share one of the projects I completed in class. The class was taught and sponsored by Tickle Me Pink Designs.

Now I will admit this was the last class of the day and when I found out what we would be making in this class I thought to myself “really this is not what I was expecting”. So we were first asked to select a book – I selected a book I liked based on shape thinking it would be covered but there I sat with a royal blue book when nothing in my house is blue so luckily a nice lady in class traded books with me and I ended up with this beautiful orange book that actually matches the walls in my living room.

After getting our books we then went to a table filled with all types of embellishments – flowers, tulle, pins, ribbon, and more flowers. The object was to select items you could build on to design the corner of the book to frame a photo.

Then it was time to start building and gluing. It was a small class so the teacher came to each of us to give us some inspiration and even shared that most people walk into the class thinking this was not what they signed up for but walked out loving what they created. Needless to say I was one of those people it turned out really cute and I received several compliments on the finished project. When I got home I added a picture my hubs and I had taken a few years ago and look how cute it is on my bookshelf.

So I would love to hear from you – what is a project that you thought had gone all wrong but ended up turning out really cute?

Happy Crafting!


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