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Friday, March 22, 2013

50th Birthday Bash

Earlier this week I promised to post my sister’s surprise 50th birthday bash. I will share some of the decorations I created along with how you can create some of them yourself. There are several ideas to share so I’ll go ahead and get started.

Artist Table

First up is one of my favorite ideas for her party. If you have read my “About Me” you know my sister is an artist so I wanted to make sure I captured this part of her life at the party. This is the “Artist Table” I created and she loved it.

My Mom created the 50 using pictures of my sister through the years. She started by creating a template from poster board then attaching the pictures. Everyone enjoyed reminiscing as they looked at the pictures. This was inspired from a pin I found on Pinterest that was originally pinned from Martha Stewart. 

The garland on the wall was created by alternating red, white, & black cardstock with red & white bakers twine. I cut the garland on my Silhouette using #26234“scalloped globe garland”. Here is a close-up of the garland and if I was to make it again I would make the circles smaller than the default size.

Now let’s take a closer look at the table.

I purchased small glass containers from the dollar store for the M&Ms that we divided by color. I thought it would be fun to add labels with a description of the color that related to her life such as Kentucky Blue since she is a Kentucky fan, Lady Bug Red because my grandmother always called her lady bug, and poodnoobie green because that is the nickname by boys gave her. To create the labels I used a scalloped circle from Silhouette and tried out the print & cut feature for the first time to print the color descriptions.

The painter’s pallet was created by using white Styrofoam board that I purchased at the dollar store. We cut holes to add the M&Ms cups for the pods of color then I randomly painted the same colors to make it look more like a painter’s pallet.

I found several ideas on Pinterest that said “turning 50 blows or sucks” but I didn’t feel that went with our party theme so I created my own word and made this cute “50 and FaBLOWus” sign to go with the Blow Pops.

The last item on the table is the canvas I created. I started by painting the entire canvas black. Then I used Tim Holtz plain mask sheets and my Silhouette to create the template for my wording and designs I added in white. When using the masks you want to use the negative of the design you created and for the letters I had to hold the center pieces for letters such as the “a” and “p”. Creating this canvas was a little tricky and I had to try several different techniques but I think it turned out really good.


For a little extra detail on the table I added tubes of paint and paint brushes.  

 Dance Floor Pom Poms

My mom and I spent hours creating pom poms to be the centerpiece of the dance floor. We used mostly black and white but included a few red ones to add color. Because I had to make so many I tried cutting them in many different ways and they all turned out cute, so if you decide to make them I would encourage you to get creative and not use the same design you find on the internet. One of my favorites I created using pinking shears and cutting them into small points.
This banner was created using my Silhouette and I hung it in the area where the dance floor was located.
Table Decor
We rented black linens for all the tables. For the buffet tables I used different size pots under the linens to add some height and depth to the table. I also added a fresh bouquet of red roses with baby’s breath. I also used glass cylinders with white floating candles and added baby’s breath to the water which was an idea I also found on Pinterest.
For the dining tables we also used black linens along with fishbowl candle holders decorated with black and red ribbon. I also created tri-folds that had the year my sister was born, fun facts about that year, and important events.

If you want your guest of honor to feel special create a chair that is just for them but instead of paying for chair covers use a small round table linen. I created her chair cover by draping the chair with the red linen, gathering the fabric to the back of the chair and carefully pinning the fabric with safety pins. To cover the pins I added a bow I made from black & white ribbon.
Cake Table
Last but certainly not least is the cake table. This cake was designed by Publix using a picture of this cake I found on Pinterest. Instead of using strawberries I asked them to create roses. If you are decorating for a party and want the cake to match I highly recommend taking something to the bakery so they can use the exact colors. I took a piece of cardstock I used for the banner and garland which allowed them to easily match the correct color of red. The cake was beautiful and very tasty as well.
I know this was a long post but I hope you find the information to be helpful or inspire some ideas for your next party. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions I did not answer in this post. I also found several other great party ideas on Pinterest if you would like to check out my Party Ideas board.

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