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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Craft Shopping for a Cause

Last Saturday my Mom and I headed out early to go craft shopping at the Spring Threadfest that a fellow crafter told me about and the best part all the products sold are from donations which allows all the proceeds to go to the FiftyForward senior center in Nashville. Since I had never been I was not sure what to expect but WOW was I in for a surprise.

The first thing to greet us was a sign announcing everything was 50% off the price it was marked. As we walked into the center there it was – yarn, vintage patterns, cross-stitch supplies, thread, I could go on and on about all the wonderful things that were waiting for me to look at (umm buy but we will get to that in a minute). So after filling up a basket just in the first room I looked through the next room and it was a large open room full of nothing but fabric.

The fabric was $1, $2, or $5 per yard but remember I had seen that wonderful 50% of sign so it was actually $0.50, $1, or $2.50. The best part was the swimming pools and boxes filled with scrap fabric and some were big pieces. How much for the scrap fabric you asked – you could fill a trash bag for $1 – make that $0.50 because it was 50% off. I walked away with two bags of fabric for $1. So are you ready to see the fun my mom and I had – keep going down and I will show you what I bought!! J
Welcome to Threadfest!

Look at all the wonderful goodies and this is only half the room!
Are you ready – Here is the fabric room.
Me and my sweet Mom digging through scraps – what fun!
Ok, so I told you I would show you what I purchased. I was able to donate $60 but look at all I was able to purchase. You are reading it correct – I paid $5 for each of the small sewing machines and $7.50 for the Singer sewing box.
Everyone meet my big boy Gordon. As I was taking pictures he decided he wanted to make sure he made the cut for the blog and thought my new toy was a great place to scratch his head. Then he knows when the camera is out it is time to pose. He is a handful can you tell?

I signed up to be on the mailing list for Threadfest so hopefully in the fall I can give you a heads up of when they are holding the next sale for those in the Middle Tennessee area. If you have items to donate you can drop them by any time while they are open. For more information please visit there blog – FiftyForward Knowles Threadfest.



  1. This looks fabulous, Tracey! I hate I didn't get to go. But I would have definitely broken my "no fabric buying in 2012" resolution. lol!! I hope they have this even again next year!


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