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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Surprise Adoption Shower

Last week I mentioned I was excited to share with you the project I was working on but with a few of us throwing a Surprise adoption shower for someone at work I really could not post my project without giving up the surprise. Luckily we were all able to keep the surprise and you should have seen her face when she walked into the room! Lori and her family have been working to adopt their little girl from India for over two years and they are finally in India to bring Lucy home. They arrived in India today and will be meeting her on Wednesday. Before she left on her trip we wanted to surprise her with a shower to celebrate this exciting time in her life.

When we decided to throw a shower for her I immediately started thinking of what to make for her shower that could also be placed in her room. Lucy’s room is decorated in green and pink so I used these colors in my projects.

I wanted a banner that Lori could use in Lucy’s room to welcome her to her new home. I did not attach the banners so she could take down the Welcome banner and still be able to use the Lucy banner in her room. For the banner I used green cardstock for the bottom layer and used the banner template from Silhouette. The second layer was also cut on my Silhouette using pink and green striped paper (make sure when cutting striped paper that you cut the paper and position the paper on your Silhouette cutting mat in the same direction for each cut). The letters are in Cooper Black 428 point font and I outlined each letter with PK Glitz glitter in Light Pink. I then finished it off by using a pink lace trim I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

After looking at all the cute rag wreaths on Pinterest I decided I wanted to make a pink and green wreath using fleece. I used two different textures of fleece. The green is the really soft fleece (this fleece can get really messy as it likes to shed) and the pink is anti pill fleece. I cut 1” by 14” strips of both colors and alternated tying them on the wreath. You simply make a double knot and keep the knots lined up around the wreath form (I used a 14” wreath form). I also wanted to add Lucy’s name to the wreath so I purchased a larger “L” wood letter to paint pink and painted smaller wood letters in green to spell her name. I had purchased green fabric from the remnants section to make the fabric flower and finished it off by adding a pearl bead to the center. Whola!

The last project was a frame to display a picture of Lucy for everyone to see her. Since we used a conference room at work I used my manager’s suggestion to create a slide show of Lucy. I created a really cute PowerPoint displaying some of the picture’s Lori had shared with me along the way so everyone could see her on the “big screen” and Lori has a picture frame she can add to Lucy’s room. This frame was purchased at the Dollar Tree so you guessed it I only paid $1 for the frame. I whitewashed the frame, added some pearls along the corner and created additional pink and green fabric flowers for the opposite corner.

We had a lot of fun surprising Lori and celebrating this new journey in her family’s life. Here are a few pictures from the shower.


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  1. Very cute, Tracey! I love the rag wreath using fleece. I haven't seen it done with that fabric before! This is such a sweet event! :)


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