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Monday, May 28, 2012

DIY – Light Switch & Electric Faceplate Covers

Hello everyone, first I would like to apologize for not being active on the blog unfortunately we’ve had several things going on and I did not have time to get in the craft room. Second, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and thank you to those who have served for our country! Ok, on to the fun stuff.

 I read an article somewhere along the way of a lady who started a business covering light switch faceplates with wallpaper so the wheels started turning and I knew I could do this with paper so here is a little tutorial for you.

·         First you will want to lightly sand the faceplates so the glue and paper will adhere. This was a lesson learned because my first attempt pulled right off the plastic.
·         Give them a quick dusting and add a layer of adhesive. I used Mod Podge and only applied glue to the top. Make sure you get enough glue around the areas you will need to cut out later.
·         Once you have applied glue line the faceplate onto the paper. Tip: I placed a small hole where I wanted to center the paper and then marked half way on the opening.

·         I then used my bone folder to smooth the paper onto the faceplate.
·         After the top has dried then add glue to one of the edges and apply pressure until the paper is securely adhered to the edge and cut of remaining paper. Repeat for the remaining sides.
·         Cut out the slot for the light switch or electric plug and punch holes for the screws.
·         I the used my sanding tools to create a finished edge where I had to cut..

You now have a unique faceplate that no one will have and that matches your décor. I would like to add a disclaimer - If you do make these I am not responsible for any personal injuries and damage to your home/facility since you are dealing with electricity. J

This is the first one I made for my craft room (this paper matches the lamps in my room).

Jessicia recently moved into her new house so she asked me to make some for her as well.

She has also been asking me to make her paper flowers in a vase like I have in my craft room, so I decided to use the extra paper I had for one of her rooms to make her a paper/fabric bouquet. The “vase” is a frappuccino bottle with coordinating paper and white ribbon. (I noticed the black fabric flower in the middle looks like a black hole in this picture but there is a flower there.)

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Cute, Tracey!! I've been wanting to do this with several of my light plates. Its like you read my mind!! :)


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