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Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY – Tipsy Stackable Pot Planter

About two or three years ago I saw a stackable planter in one of my Mom’s garden magazines and we worked to recreate one for my garden. After seeing some really cute painted terracotta pots I decided it was time to remake my tipsy stackable pot planter. As you will see in the before picture some of my pots were broken and needed replacing. This is a really fun project and adds a focal point in your garden so I thought I would give you a tutorial. This is a project you can make all your own depending on the colors you want to use and you can even make this on a smaller scale depending on the size of your garden.

What you will need:
1 - Rebar or any strong metal rod that is small enough for the hole in bottom of the pot

1- 14” terracotta pot

5 - 10” terracotta pots


Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Paint – I used Pool and Green Curry

Martha Stewart foam Pouncers for the polka dots

1 can of Valspar Interior/Exterior Clear Sealer – I used Satin finish

How to make it:
·         First you will want to apply polyurethane to the inside of the pots to help protect them.
·         Apply your base color to all of your pots. I painted the inside rim of my pots about 1” inside the pot since the top of the pot is visible and I also painted the bottom of my 10” pots because you can see them as well.
o   I thought it would be smart to put a “primer” on my pots since I had read that terracotta soaks in paint – depending on the color you use I would skip this step. My pots have a “primer” color and three coats of Pool paint. Had I not used a lighter color “primer” I could have probably painted just two coats.
·         Once the base color has dried have fun adding polka dots or whatever design you decide to paint. I used the largest pouncer for the 14” pot and the next size down for my 10” pots.
·         After your pots have tried spray at least two coats of the Valspar sealer – remember to spray the rim, the inside where you painted and the bottom of your pots as this helps to seal the pot and protect your paint.

Now it is time to assemble your tipsy stackable planter:
·         You will want to drive your rebar or metal rod into the ground so it is sturdy

·         Slide the 14” pot over the rod using the precut hole in the bottom of the pot
o   Make sure the pot is level as this pot holds the weight of the remaining pots
·         Fill the pot with dirt and make sure to pack the dirt because your next pot will sink into the dirt
·         Slide a 10” pot over the metal rod and lean the top of the pot against the rod and the bottom of the pot on side of the base pot – fill the pot with dirt and desired plant
·         Slide your next 10” pot and lean it in the opposite direction – it will be supported by the previous pot and make sure the top of the pot is resting on the metal rod. Fill the pot with dirt and your desired plant. Continue this step alternating sides until you reach the top.

You now have a unique and cute tipsy stackable planter that is one of kind. J

Here are the  before and after pictures – as you can see I needed new pots and I love the extra color in my garden.

This was my weekend project – what did you work on or plan to make this weekend?
Happy Crafting!


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  1. CUTE, Tracey! I love the update. The bright colors are just what the pots needed!


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