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Monday, September 3, 2012

Birdhouses & Crepe Paper Flowers with Flower Soft

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! I was fortunate to have a 4 day weekend and accomplishment several projects that have been sitting around.
Today I want to share with you what I consider my last summer projects. I have been working on these birdhouses for my craft room for a couple of weeks so they were first on my to do list for the weekend and I used a technique I learned at CKC last weekend for the flowers.

I purchased these cute little wood flowers back at the beginning of summer at Michaels, so when I was ready to decorate I could not decide how I wanted to paint them, so instead I made flowers using crepe paper and the XXL glue dots.

After I made the flowers I sprayed them with one of my new loves – Luminarte Radiant Rain in Teal Zircon – to add color and a little sparkle!

For the center of the flower I used a fabric covered button with yellow fabric then covered it very generously with glue then applied yellow Flower Soft. I love the texture and the way these cute little flower turned out.

For the birdhouses I used the same colors from my outside projects – Martha Stewart Green Curry and Pool in addition to Wedding Cake.

1 – This birdhouse is distressed but it is hard to see in the picture – the roof and base have a bottom coat of Green Curry with a second coat of Pool while the main section has a base coat of Pool and a second coat of Green Curry with distressing to show the base color.

2 – I tried a new technique with this birdhouse by using the Martha Stewart Weather Crackle on the roof. I painted a base coat of Pool, covered that with a generous layer of the Crackle, and then covered with Wedding Cake. The remainder of the house is painted in Pool with Green Curry accents.

3 – This guy was a little tricky and you can probably see my paint uh oh’s. I painted the roof and base with Wedding Cake, trimmed with Green Curry, and painted the house with Pool.

4 – The little dome house is where I experimented using the Weather Crackle and as you can see it did not turn out very well so I decided to sand most of the Wedding Cake off to disguise the mess I had made.
Now they are finished and on one of my shelves.  

Did you get crafty this weekend?

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  1. Super cute, Tracey! The crackle looks like a lot of fun. And I'm loving those flowers! I have some Flower Soft but haven't used it yet. Now I know what to do with it!! :)


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