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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Craft Room – Post 4 Finished Desk & New Addition

Hope everyone is having a great week. Today I am continuing the journey through my craft room as I continued to move items in. When deciding where to place items since some of my cubbies are actually under the desk, I wanted the items I would use frequently more accessible so they are on the outside cubbies. Then I separated everything in a way I wanted them organized and started putting things away. I also purchased some cute baskets to hold my rub-ons, embellishments, smaller paper packs, and flowers (ok, maybe I’m addicted to flowers since I have a basket of flowers in addition to all the ones on my shelf). J

There is also room between the back two cubbies for me to put my organizer that is home to my scraps and larger chipboard sets.

There you have it – this is how the underneath of my desk is organized. I love my desk because not only was it cheaper than having one made or trying to purchase one to make it work, it is very functional and has lots of storage which to me is a necessity for crafting.

After building my desk I realized I needed a new addition once I moved the computer because I did not have anywhere to store my printer. My handy Dad got to work figuring out how to add an extension to my desk while also allowing the closet door to still open. We were able to use wood that was left over from the desk for him to add an extension and a hanging shelf that is now home to my finished and umm half finished scrapbooks.

Then I realized I did not have anywhere to display some of my craft projects so I put my poor Dad to work again. He cut wood for my shelves, used a really cute geometric trim and then I painted them white to match the other furniture in the room. Then I had Shane help me level them and hang them on the wall. Now I have somewhere for my pictures and projects I have completed along with some cute decorations I will share at a later time. Since we originally hung the shelves I added a couple of hooks to display two mixed media albums I created last year at CKC.

Well that has everything organized and now you know where I get my “crafty” on. I hope this gives you some ideas on how to organize your craft room.

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