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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Craft Room – Post 3 Refurbished Dresser

Welcome to the third post as I share the process of how my craft room was created. In my first post I shared with you the construction of my room, last week I shared how some of my goodies are organized, and today I want to show you the dresser I refurbished.

As I was getting ready to start on my room my parents decided they wanted to replace the dresser I had in my room growing up. I knew this would make a great addition to my room but would first need a makeover. Here is what it looked like before – okay it is in pieces because someone almost forgot to take before pictures.

I started with a primer to make sure the paint would adhere due to the years of it being Pledged and finished with my white paint.

I then used the same stencil that is on the wall to add a little color to the top. For the corners I used half the stencil design and then added one complete flourish in the center.


The bottom of the dresser has a recessed design so I decided to add a little more color by paint it turquoise.

I then found some really cute drawer pulls that I added to the top set of drawers and flourish pulls for the bottom set of drawers. This is the finished product:

If I was to redo this dresser I would probably distress it (now that I love to distress everything) and add some more designs to the drawers but I believe it is still a great addition to my room. It is home to my punches, die cuts, cartridges, templates, card supplies, and my extra stash of necessities.
Next week I will share with you how I filled the cubbies under my desk and a couple of additions to the room.

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  1. Turqoise is one of my favourite colours, and especially in combination with white (and black too!)I love that recessed design! You did a wonderful job.


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