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Friday, August 17, 2012

Craft Room – Post 2 Getting Organized

Last week I shared with you the construction of my craft room and promised to share some of the ways I have organized my crafting goodies. With my desk complete it was time to get organized and start moving my craft supplies from working on a sewing desk out of a large scrapbook tote and my closet to my new craft room.

The first item I want to share with you is my paper organizer – I LOVE this beauty. While trying to determine how to organize my scrapbook paper I was searching eBay and I got really lucky. I found someone who only lives about an hour away and makes beautiful craft organizers. Once I got it home all I had to do was paint it and separate all of my paper so it would be organized.

Another time-consuming project was separating out my brads and other metal goodies. I had a spice rack in my kitchen I never used and I knew it would make the perfect way to organize them. Me and Jessicia sat in the floor for about an hour separating everything by color. When we were finished I punched a color coordinated flower for the top of the lids and used my label maker to label each one.
Now for the other love of my room – my Craft Accessory Organizer from Michaels. Over the last two years I have changed it up some as I reorganized to make room for more goodies. This organizer is now home for all my glitter, Stickles, Smooch, beads, more glitter, flowers, and smaller chipboard containers. As you can see it use to be home to my ribbon but as my glitter and ribbon collection expanded I moved my ribbon to my organizers under the desk.

A couple other organizers I added to the room is this cute turquoise and brown bin I found on clearance to hold my crafting magazines and this basket is home to all my letters (which might have grown a little since this picture was taken). J

Michele at The Scrap Shoppe has shared her organizing tip for clear stamps and with the design of the desk it was perfect for my cubbies. I had several old CD cases with no CDs so I started break the centers out of the cases and adding my stamps. To help me find my stamps I added a label to the edge of the CD cases and organized the stamp sheet in a notebook that cross-references back to the cases.

Ok, well that is it for this craft room post. Next week I will show you my refurbished dresser.

On a side note - I have shared my love of photographing weather and I had a great chance tonight to take some pictures so I thought I would share my favorite one with you.


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  1. It looks great, Tracey! That paper tower is absolutely fabulous. I love the Michael's shelf! Get some velcro and store those Stickles upside down. Then they'll be ready to use right away. ;)


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