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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sand and Shell Frame

Remembering Our Time Away
I hope everyone is having a great weekend. We are getting a lot of rain so it is the perfect day to be in my craft room. It has been a hectic week in our household this week and our youngest started his Junior year (enjoy your little ones they grow up way too fast).

A couple of weeks ago I shared my relaxing getaway with you and that I had collected some shells while we were strolling the beach. Today I wanted to share one of the project ideas I had for my shells. While it is not a new idea it is one that will help us remember our time away and allowed me to bring a piece of the ocean home with me.

For this project I used a plain wood frame I had purchased from Michaels some time back, Mod Podge, sand, shells, and canvas. If you do not have shells you can purchase these at any craft store.

I wanted to use sand as the base of my frame and had planned to use a wonderful product I purchased a couple of years ago at the CKC convention – it is sand that already has adhesive mixed in so you just have to spread it on – but I had used it for a previous project and it was hard as a rock. In the trash it went and I had to think of another way to use sand. I was able to find a small bag of sand at Hobby Lobby so I put a thick layer of Mod Podge and sprinkled it with sand. This did not give me the coverage I wanted so I cleaned off the loose sand then covered that layer with more Mod Podge and sand. After removing the excess sand I applied a light layer of Mod Podge by dabbing it on the top layer of sand. This allows the sand to stay in place so I do not have sand falling off the frame. Now that I know this technique works I will not purchase any more of the sand with adhesive because in the future I will remember to gather sand from the beach to use when I get home.

Once the top layer of Mod Podge was completely dry I started arranging my shells and then adhered them with 3-in-1 Beacons glue. I then created a tag using canvas fabric, outlined it with a brown marker, and added it to the frame. The edge of the frame was bare wood so I decided to use aqua rick-rack to add a little color that compliments the ocean.

Now I can remember our getaway and the fun I had collecting the shells during our trip.


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