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Saturday, October 27, 2012

DIY: Burlap Table Runner

In my last post I promised I would share my burlap table runner. I found the idea of creating the table runner as I was browsing Pinterest and thought I would try it. This is an easy project but it does take some time to complete.

First I started by measuring how long and wide I wanted my table runner to determine how much burlap I needed – I used 2 ½ yards.

As we all know burlap loves to unravel when it is cut so I decided to take an extra step to prevent this. I measured my table runner without the additional 2 inches so I could create a “seam”. So for example the actual width of my table runner is 24 inches wide but I measured it as 20 inches (to take off the two inches I allowed for fringe on both sides). Using embroidery thread that matches the burlap I weaved it into the burlap so my fringe would stop at 2 inches and followed these steps for both the sides and ends.

Once I had finished my “seam” I then measured my two inches and began cutting my table runner. Make sure when you are sewing your seam that you do not sew it to the carpet – I don’t know who would every do that – but a certain someone wondered why she was having difficulty picking it up from the floor in a few places – again not naming any names here. J

Now comes the messy part – start on one side and begin removing one string at a time from the edge of the burlap until you reach your seam and continue doing this on all sides to make your fringe.

At this point you can admire your work and add it to your table or you might want to add something festive. My first idea was to embroider leaves on the ends but with the spacing and give of the burlap I was not getting the clean lines I wanted. I then decided to find two different leaf patterns to use as a pattern to cut fabric leaves.

I then used matching embroidery thread to stitch them to my table runner and now I have a festive table runner that compliments the centerpiece I shared in my last post.

If you would like additional inspiration for your burlap table runner head on over to Emmaline Bride.

Happy Crafting!



  1. I love how simple this is to make. I have a piece of burlap cloth I want to make into a table runner but was running dry on ideas. LOVE the frayed edges. Thanks for posting this!


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