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Monday, October 1, 2012

Refurbished Bookcase

Welcome to October everyone – the leaves are slowly starting to change, pumpkins and mums are all around, and it is almost time for the pumpkin patch! I cannot wait for it to look like this around here – this was taken a couple of years ago.

Last week I shared that I had spent most of my time outside sanding so this week I want to share one of my finished projects. Check out this poor wood bookcase that I purchased at Goodwill for only $6.99. It was in bad shape when I found it but I knew I could bring it to life again.

I started by removing the contact paper that was on the shelves, removed the shelves and cardboard backing. Then it was time to sand, sand some more, and finish by sanding again.

I went to Lowes to have paint mixed to match the color of my room and painted two coats of turquoise paint. I then covered that with two coats of white paint.

I knew I needed to replace the back of the bookcase so I decided to purchase a sheet of beadboard. I tried only painting the indentions but didn’t like it and that would have taken a while to paint. I then decided to paint two coats of my turquoise paint on the entire board.  

After letting the paint dry for a week it was time to start the distressing process. For the bookcase I sanded the white paint to expose the turquoise and some of the wood and the beadboard was sanded to expose the original white of the board. The indentions in the beadboard created nice white lines across the board.
After getting everything sanded and dusted it was time to nail on the back, insert the new pegs my dad made from a small dowel rod, and add the shelves. So with the cost of the bookcase and beadboard I was able to add this lovely addition to my craft room for a grand total of $16 – what do you think?

Happy Crafting!

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