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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beach Getaway

Serenity – My Home Away from Home

Ahhh – sometimes it is nice to get away for a few days especially when you can have some quiet time with just the hubs (look how calm the ocean was this day)! We had an enjoyable time in Mexico Beach catching some rays, eating fresh seafood, and long walks along the shore. I was also able to collect some seashells for some project ideas I had while I was away, but first I have to get into my Santa workshop to finish my projects for Wednesday.

One of my passions in addition to crafting is taking photos and on our first day there was a nasty storm that passed by so it was time to get out the camera to try capturing some pictures of lightening.

While I had my camera set up to take these photos I was able to experience something I have been waiting to see for a very long time. I LOVE dolphins and have experienced them riding the surf when we were out on my brother-in-laws boat and I’ve seen them schooling down the coast, I’ve even been lucky enough to see a sea turtle laying eggs, but I have always wanted to see a dolphin leap from the water. While waiting for the next lightening strike I had the experience I have been waiting for – I finally saw a dolphin leap in the wild!!!

Luckily I had my camera set so I was not looking through the lens so I was able to see it with my own two eyes and lucky for me. You always hear fisherman talk about the one that got away well I want to share with you the photo that got away. You see some nice people had decided to feed the seagulls during this time and one decided he needed me to take his picture instead of the leaping dolphin, below you will see the camera hog (seagull) and then the splash from the dolphin leaping.

At least I have some proof that I did actually see this but it was an experience I will not forget and luckily I was able to see them a few other times as they were schooling down the shoreline.

Where is your favorite place to get reenergized?


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  1. Oh, I'm so jealous, Tracey! It looks divine there. I just booked our vacay and can't wait for it to get here. :)


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