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Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Welcome Wreath

After completing my outside projects I wanted to create a bright summer wreath for my front door using some of the colors I used outside. While walking around Jo-Ann’s one day (yes, I will admit I can stay in that store for hours) I came across some really cute yarn – it is called Wave in turquoise lime and made by Sensations. The colors in the yarn were perfect to create the bright wreath for my door.

Instead of purchasing a foam wreath (I found these are very messy when using yarn) I used a straw wreath and did not remove the plastic – plus it was cheaper than the foam wreath. For the first part of this project you can kick back and watch TV while you wrap the wreath with yarn until it is completely covered. I used about 1 and half skeins to make my wreath.

The wood “welcome” sign came from Michaels and I painted it using the same colors I used for my outside projects including smaller polka dots. The smallest pouncer in the Martha Stewart set was too large so I used the eraser on a pencil to make my polka dots for the sign. Once the sign was dry I positioned it so it fit firmly into the center and then add glue to the ends to hold it in place.

I love the design of the flowers I made for this wreath using turquoise and white felt. The center of the flowers have a coordinating green or orange fabric covered button. You can link to the tutorial on how to make these flowers from my Pinterest site here from The Fickle Pickle. I finished off the flowers by making two fringe felt flowers, arranged all the flowers, and then glued them to the wreath.

Now I have a nice bright wreath on my door that compliments the projects I have outside.

Happy Crafting!



  1. Very pretty, Tracey! The yarn is super fun and those flowers are gorgeous!

  2. that yarn looks yummy! great project.


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