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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Monogram Ornament & Gift Box

If you are visiting from The Scrap Shoppe thank you for stopping by my blog for Workshop Wednesdays. Today I will be sharing a great gift idea that can be personalized for those special people in your lives. They will think you spent hours making this gift but once you get an assembly line going you can make these fairly quickly.  

For this project you will need:
Clear Glass Ornaments – size 2 5/8”
Pledge Floor Care – Tile and Vinyl Floor Finish
Fine glitter – I found Martha Stewart glitter works best
Coffee Filters
PK Glitz Wonderfilm or any strong double-sided adhesive paper
Coordinating ribbon

Start by coating the inside of a glass ornament with the Pledge floor care adding enough to coat the inside then turn the ornament upside down on top of the bottle to allow the liquid to drain. This will also ensure the neck of the ornament is coated.

Once all excess liquid has drained fill the ornament with the glitter of your choice. Roll the glitter around the inside of the ornament to ensure it is completely coated and dump excess glitter into a coffee filter. I used a different filter for each color of glitter I was working with – they make cleanup so much easier. I do recommend a fine glitter as I experimented with larger glitter and even Martha Stewart microbeads but they had a tendency to clump up.

Now that your ornaments are filled with glitter you can set the Pledge aside and get your creativiT ready. Now it is time to personalize your ornaments. I used PK Glitz Wonderfilm to make my monograms. I used my Silhouette to cut the letters using the Silhouette rhinestone setting as my media and my letters are 2” Lucida Handwriting font but you can use whatever cutter you have available.

With each of your monograms cut you will want to remove the back from the adhesive and place it on your ornament. To help keep your ornament from rolling away I used a candleholder to hold my ornament while I was decorating them.

After placing the monogram on your ornament remove the top protective sheet to expose your adhesive and cover with coordinating glitter. You can also follow these steps to add designs to the ornament as well – each of my ornaments have a monogram on one side and a design such as candy canes, snowflakes, Christmas trees, etc. on the opposite side. Use a small amount of clear glue to hold the top on the ornament and use coordinating ribbon to finish off your ornament design. Here are a few of the ornaments I made.

Now you have created a personalized gift! But wait – why not create a gift box for your ornament.

To make your gift box you will need:
-       8x8 square from Kraft paper to make the lid
-       Score the square at 2” and 6 1/8” – turn it 90 degrees and score at 2” and 6” making sure your scored lines cross.
-       I then used ornament stamps for the top design and an ornament boarder to go around the lid
-       Fold your scored lines and cut the scored lines to each corner to make a flap for your lid (see below)

-       For the box use 12x12 Kraft paper
-       Score the square at 4” and 8” – turn it 90 degrees and score it at 4” and 8” making sure the lines cross
-       Fold the scored lines and cut the corners to make flaps for your box

You now have a great gift box for the personalized ornament you created.

Thanks again for stopping by my blog. Make sure you dash on over to see what Bev from FlamingoToes has created for you today for our Workshop Wednesday blog hop. 



  1. Love this Tracey, especially the gift box to coordinate with the ornament! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. These are so pretty Tracey!! I love the gift box too - that's such a great idea! They'd be so fun for an ornament exchange too!

  3. Beautiful, Tracey!! And I'm excited to hang mine on the tree this year. ;)


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