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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Decorative Christmas Trees

Welcome to our second Workshop Wednesday!

If you are visiting from The Scrap Shoppe welcome and thank you for stopping by my blog!

I hope you are enjoying our Christmas in July blog hop and getting some creative ideas or even a jumpstart on your handmade gifts or decorations for this year. Everyone had some creative ideas last week and I cannot wait to see what the other ladies have for us today so make sure you check them out.

Last year at Christmas I purchased three styrofoam cones in hopes to get them finished but unfortunately they have been sitting on my craft table waiting to be decorated, so I thought they would be the perfect decorating idea to share with you today.

I purchased three different sizes from Hobby Lobby and I used different fabric and trims. I will walk you through each of mine but you can really get creative with these to make them your own.

I started by wrapping each of my trees with fabric. Before wrapping the fabric completely around the tree I folded the fabric over the top of the tree to hide the extra fabric. For the bottom I pleated the fabric around the circle and glued the remaining fabric to the bottom of the tree. I then cut a circle smaller than the bottom but large enough to give the bottom of the tree a clean finish. Now comes the fun part…

I decided to use plaid fabric to cover the largest tree and added gold trim. I trimmed the bottom of the tree (this helps to cover any fabric that was not pulled tightly underneath) and made three additional circles up the tree. I then made a bow using a sheer gold wire ribbon, curled the ends, and used two straight pins to hold the bow in place. One tree down two to go…

I think my second tree is so fun and it was very simple. I ran one row of feather trim along the bottom and the top was a snap. I purchased a feather hair clip, stuck a straight pin in the top of my tree and clipped the feathers on – easy peasy!

The last tree was made using a shiny green fabric and red cord trim. I ran the trim around the bottom of the tree and then circled the trim around to the top. For the top I made a fabric flower using the same fabric that covers the tree and finished it off with a red rhinestone in the center.

Now that the trees are decorated it is time to talk about the base of my trees. I purchased these wood candlesticks from Goodwill and the most expensive one was only $0.99. I started by using Martha Stewart Multipurpose paint in Wedding Cake. After the paint was completely dry I used sandpaper and my BasicGrey file kit (I love this set) to distress my candlesticks.
Once they were distressed I found the center point on the bottom of my tree, applied glue to the top of the candlestick and held the tree in place until the glue dried. Now I have three finished trees I can use this year at Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed today’s project. Remember we would love for you to join in on the fun so post a link to your project so you can be included in our link party!

Merry Christmas in July!



  1. How fun are these Tracey?! I have some cones left over from last year too - I'm going to have to get going on them! I think my fav is the green one with the little flower on top - so cute!!!

  2. Ack, Tracey! These are so cute! My fave is the green one. I LOVE the flower at the top!! Great job!

  3. Love the one with the feathers!! This is going on my to do list!!!


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