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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crochet – Long Cowl & Hat

Earlier this week I shared with you the scarf I made using the crocodile stitch. Today I want to share another crochet project where I attempted to make my first crocheted hat. I have looked online and have not been able to find the patterns to share with you but I did purchase the book at Wal-Mart. The book is by Leisure Arts, Inc. and is titled “Hats & Scarves – 12 Designs to Crochet” by Melissa Leapman. There are several cute patterns in this book.

I was able to make the long cowl in one evening as it only consists of double crochets and slip stitches after chaining 155.
Making a hat was a new challenge for me trying to work around each row and then decreasing. When I finished my hat it was obvious that my decreasing was incorrect because the hat was too big for me so I decided to change the pattern up a little. I continued decreasing using rows of single crochets and then to add a little design I double crocheted in every other single crochet for one row. I then finished it off (until it fit the way I wanted it) with more rows of single crochet. This made the hat bigger than the pattern which is okay with me because it went from a fitted hat to a slouch hat.

I have learned in my short time of crocheting that it is okay to bend the rules (or patterns in this case) because sometimes you end up with a project you like even better. The yarn I used for the cowl and hat is Homespun in Deepest Gray by Lion Brand Yarn.

Next time I will share an easy scarf where needles are not required.

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