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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Centerpiece

As I am still playing catch-up on my posts from the holidays I wanted to share with you the centerpiece I made this year.

First we will start with the “snow” covered cylinders. I started by mixing Epson salt and Martha  Stewart Carrara Marble (white) glitter in a sandwich bag to give it a little more sparkle and then I heavily coated the bottom of the cylinders with Mod Podge. I found that if I rolled the cylinder in the salt/glitter mix it would pick up the course salt and not the glitter using my hand and letting the mix fall into the Mod Podge worked better so I didn’t end up with only the Epson salt.

I found a wonderful idea on Pinterest to create the effect of ice in water. After my Mod Podge was dry I added plastic wrap and a few red berries from a floral pick I cut apart to make it look like the water was actually ice. When doing this you will have to work with the plastic wrap as it all wants to float to the top so I continued to separate it and add more when needed. I also wrapped the berries in the plastic wrap to keep them from floating to the top. The “snow” around the bottom helps to hide that the plastic wrap doesn’t stay on the bottom.

***Warning – do NOT put plastic berries in water for two reasons. 1) the next morning my water had a pink tint and 2) when I decided to remove the berries from the plastic wrap a couple of days later they had a horrible toxic smell so I would either skip this part or use real berries.

To create the centerpiece I used a few pine floral picks and arranged them so you could not see the stems then added the cylinders and a few different size candle holders with tea-lights and added floating candles in the cylinders.

So what do you think?



  1. Beautiful, Tracey!! I love that technique, and I love that you did the Epsom salt to the cylinders, too! Great idea! :)

  2. I love your creativity! Nominated you for a Liebster Award. Details here if you wish to participate
    Audra @ Renewed Projects


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