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Sunday, January 6, 2013

DIY - Glitter Christmas Tree

I have a couple more Christmas projects I want to share with you before moving on for the year. This project is quick and easy. 

I found this cute candy jar at Wal-Mart before Christmas and knew it just needed a little glitter.


I followed the same steps for making my glitter ornaments but the tree took a considerable amount of glitter.
Once I allowed time for the inside to dry I started working on decorating the outside. I knew I would need to cover the section where the jar fit together so I used several layers of Martha Stewart red glitter eyelash yarn to make the garland. I tied the strands together in the back and tucked in the ends.

I didn’t want the “ornaments” to be flat so I used 3D Zots by applying glitter and then simply sticking them to tree.
It was an easy project and added some sparkle to my Christmas tree collection.

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