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Monday, January 21, 2013

Fun Scarf – No Needles Required

Maybe crocheting is not one of your hobbies but you still want a quick and easy scarf with NO needles required. Red Heart has a yarn in their Boutique line called Swerve that comes in several different fun colors. The best part is you only need two hands to make a scarf using this yarn.

Depending on how you start your yarn determines if it will be long or average length.

You can find a video here showing you how to make these scarves using only your hands (you might want to fast forward the video to about 4 minutes to skip them talking about the event they were attending).
The blue/green scarf was made by not doubling the yarn together before making the scarf. This gives you more yarn allowing your scarf to be longer. The longer scarf gives you a little more flexibility in how you can wear it as well.
This is a quick and easy project and the best part you do not have to use crochet or knitting needles to make them. I was able to make both of my scarves in about 5 minutes after watching the video.

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